Freshen Up Your Feet!


I hate feet; they are disgusting. Unfortunately this means I tend to neglect mine over winter, and year upon year I am left frantically trying to make them presentable come summertime. I’m also a huge fan of homemade kitchen beauty treatments, so you bet I’ve tried my fair share of homemade foot soaks! There’s tons out there but this is my current favourite.

All you need are the following ingredients, a bowl, and feet. You’ll probably have all the necessary stuff in your kitchen cupboards so it’ll save you money as well as giving you unbelievably smooth feet.

  • Milk (acts as a cleanser)
  • Water
  • 1/2 lemon juice (exfoliates skin)
  • 2 tbs olive oil / baby oil (moisturises skin)
  • 1 tbs cinnamon (improves blood circulation)
  • 1 tbs bicarbonate soda (it’s an antibacterial agent so gets rid of any odour!)
  • A few drops lemon eucalyptus oil (soothes muscles)

You’ll need enough warm water and milk to cover your feet, so it really depends on the size of your bowl. Another even easier foot soak consists solely of milk and water – I don’t blame Cleopatra for bathing in it every day, its amazing for your skin!!

Let your feet soak for about 20 minutes, wash clean and dry. I then get rid of any dry skin and moisturise like crazy before putting on some socks to lock that moisture in.

Voila! Beautiful feet without spending an arm and a leg! Do this at least weekly to have perfect paws all flip flop season.


Saturday in SW17

It was another sweltering and sticky Saturday yesterday. Trust me I’m loving the weather at the moment, but we really need a thunderstorm to clear the air. Anyway, myself and some gal pals decided to check out Tooting Tram & Social. As the name suggests it’s an old tram stop in Tooting which has been converted into a bar/club.

It’s only a 30 second walk from Tooting Broadway station and there’s a ton of bus stops right outside so it’s really well connected. We got there just gone 11 and there was no queue – although the place was already packed – but there was a long queue later in the night. There was no entry fee either – yay!

Inside is gorgeous! They’ve kept the original tiles on the walls and there’s leather sofas, armchairs and stunning chandeliers. There’s a little raised stage for the DJ and they have various different acts on throughout the week, such as burlesque shows, and there’s also a balcony up top which overlooks the dance floor.

The music was fairly good – a mix of old classics, guaranteed to get you dancing, and it makes a nice change from your usual generic nightclub playlist. My only complaint is the lack of air con. I cannot even begin to express how hot it was in there: it was like being locked in a sauna for a few hours. There is a little courtyard out front, but it’s hazy with smoke and absolutely packed so there’s no chance of getting fresh air.

Apart from the heat it was a good night, somewhere different, somewhere local and somewhere I’ll certainly go back to! It’s not open that late so make sure you get there fairly early!



Cavorting on the King’s Road!

Today I met up with a cheerleading friend of mine and we decided to hit the King’s Road. I love this part of London – it’s fabulously fashionable and absolutely swarming with men in suits…mmm….

Anyway, we decided to grab lunch at Bluebird (I’d never been before but was dying to try it out). In between rain showers and sunny spells we made our way along the road, briefly stopping at Brandy Melville’s and Sweaty Betty.

Sweaty Betty have such a good sale on at the moment, and if you become a member you get a further 10% off – bargain! The staff were so helpful too: they didn’t have the bikini I wanted in the correct size, so they rang all their stores, located said bikini and it’s being shipped to me asap (far better service than a lot of shops…).

The clouds cleared just as we arrived at Bluebird so we chose to sit outside. I may have seen a certain Mr J Clarkson there but let’s not get too starstruck! I ordered the prawn cocktail, whilst my friend had the caesar salad and both were delicious. I was also really surprised by the prices – it was ridiculously cheap for Chelsea!

afterlight-8I shall definitely be heading back (not just for the food, but also to pretend I’m on MIC), thinking of having my birthday meal there, what’s their restaurant food like? Or do you have any better suggestions for special birthday meals in London?


Voicing Your Complaints

A good ol’ fashioned telephone call never hurt anyone, right? I know my peers have developed a completely irrational fear of calling anyone on the phone. And I mean anyone: friends, family, work, the doctor, etc. But sometimes a phone call is the only way to be heard and get stuff done.

Exhibit A: I placed an order with Asos on Tuesday with next day delivery. Having received an email on Wednesday informing me that my order would be delayed by a day (they also gave me 10% off my next order), the delivery guy arrived. My delivery came in two packages, however he refused to give me both, insisting that I had to choose which one I wanted more (yes, really). I silently fumed, panicked and picked one of the parcels, and off he went with half of my order…

Did I A) Email them? B) Tweet them? or C) Call them?

*drum roll*

Options and C. After trawling through the internet to find their customer service number, I spent the next 20 minutes listening to migraine-inducing music before deciding to tweet them. Although they replied to my initial tweet faster than Speedy Gonzalez, they’ve since gone quiet… so I found another number and got through within 3 minutes RESULT!!

Within 5 minutes I’d spoken to a real human being and got stuff done.

Moral of this story? Only humans can solve human problems, call that damn customer service number!

And for all you stuck tweeting Asos, here’s the number: 0843 506 9493. Ignore it when it tells you to ring back later, I got through within minutes!